Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Happy Mother's Day weekend! I am so thankful to be a wife to Kevin and a mom to Tucker, Tate, and Sadie. 
I am also grateful for so many precious ladies in my life who mean so much to me...friends who inspire and motivate me, older women who serve as mentors, younger friends just getting started on life's journey...

And lastly, I am so incredibly thankful for our mom, Anne Lyles. My sister--Dana--and I were talking yesterday about how the sacrifices of our mom truly helped put our lives on a different trajectory!!! She is such a great encourager to us both!

Wanted to share a little video with you to encourage you as well on your "path to awesome." Click this link for an inspirational pep talk video, and Happy Mother's Day to you all!!! Shannon :-)

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