Wednesday, April 15, 2015

600 Follower Celebration SALE!

Hi!  Long time, no blog!  The last 5-6 weeks have definitely been some of the more challenging ones that I have had lately!  Unfortunately, I have been out of commission with a terrible case of SHINGLES!  Who knew?  I certainly didn't!  If you have ever had them before, you certainly have my sympathies!  

I feel so blessed to finally be on the mend!  The doctor said 3-5 weeks to heal, and he wasn't kidding.  My students, coworkers, and family have been so great to help and encourage me throughout this ordeal, and it spite of it all, we did have a great spring break and Easter!  For that, I am super-grateful!
I am just praying now for healing with minimal scarring, so I would certainly appreciate your prayers as well!
But on to more happy news...I have reached the 600 follower mark in my TPT store, and am so excited about throwing a sale in honor of so many new followers!!!  Visit my store to save throughout the weekend...20% off of everything!  Thanks so much for helping me reach this milestone!!!
Be sure to also check out my newly revised Cinco de Mayo unit while you are there!  All the best!!!

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