Thursday, July 28, 2016

Very Pinteresting...

Hip, hip,'s almost Friday!

Some of you have probably already headed back to school.  How's it going?  I hope so far, so good!  

My sweet friend from Clip Art Stand by Tina Anne went back on Monday.  Although I am so grateful for 2 more weeks at home, I must say that I have felt little tinges of teacher envy as she's texted and sent pics telling me all about her Open House and her adorable classroom!  
In fact, I went and did a little shopping this evening for some new pencil boxes and classroom steps towards the beginning of another year.

While I have a few more days at home, I wanted to tell you that I have been busy updating my Pinterest boards.  Let's be honest, some of my own pins look a little tired and need a fresh touch, so I'm busy working on them, I promise. An example of one of my updated pins is below...
But I'm also repinning and reorganizing!  My favorite board is one I wanted to tell you about...IDEAS FOR SCHOOL THAT ARE SUPER COOL!  
I have pinned so many awesome ideas from other teachers there that I can't wait to try in my own room this year!  Be sure to FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST if you aren't already!

Here are just a couple of my favorites that other teachers have shared:
How about this cute idea for pairing up students for partner work from the Teacher Next Door...
or this cute idea for a felt cupcake birthday chair cover made by Teaching with Crayons and Curls...
or maybe this great idea for giant googly eyes by Carrie Freeman!
Thanks for stopping by!  Hope to see you over on Pinterest!


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