Friday, November 28, 2014

Magi on the Move...Huge Savings for a Limited Time!!!

I am so excited to tell you about a brand new project created by my sister and me!  Developed as a new Christmas devotion/journey for our own children, "Magi on the Move" is a children's picture book written about 4 loveable characters Pete, Wes, Lou, and Cal.  
These friends find themselves in many "silly situations" along the way as they follow the star to find Jesus, the Son of God. 
This electronic book and devotion resource also comes with pages and pages of printables and family fun ideas...76 pages in all!!!! It also comes with templates and instructions for making your own Magi on the Move character set!
Many families have traditions already in place...Advent, looking at lights, carolling, etc.  But how about incorporating a new favorite?  One that has Christ at its center and is a ton of fun for you and your little ones!  We would love for you to make "Magi on the Move" a new journey for your families, students, or children's ministry.  Enjoy fun hide and seek with the Magi on the Move from night to night as they follow the star throughout the book and throughout your house looking for the "treasure" of the Christ child!
This is the perfect resource for Christmas or for Epiphany!  Please follow one of these links to see more.


Not a member of Teachers Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers?  Not a teacher--not a problem!  Just sign up for a FREE account and you will have access to easy checkout and browsing.   As a limited-time special, the book and family resource guide will be available for just $5.00.

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Blessings and Merry Christmas!!!! :-)  Shannon and Dana


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving....definitely one of my favorite holidays!  I hope that you and yours had a wonderful day full of turkey, dressing, and blessings!
One of my favorite parts of this holiday has to be when our extended family gathers in a large circle to list all of the things for which each of us are thankful.  Everyone--from my grandmother to the littlest great grandson--stops to share reflections and blessings over the last year.  So precious!!!

Another favorite part of this holiday...after Thanksgiving day sales!  The aunties and nieces all meet at the crack of dawn to hunt down bargains, have breakfast, and try on every pair of boots the town has to offer! LOL
In the spirit of shopping, I wanted to let you know that both of my teacher stores will have week-long sales, starting tomorrow.  Everything will be on sale for 20% off, including some Christmas goodies you will love for both your students and your personal children!  Enjoy!

Happy Turkey Day, Happy Shopping, and Happy Thanksgiving Blessings to You All!  Shannon :-)   

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A New Fabulous Fall Bundle to Share!

Hi, friends!  Hope your weekend was restful and refreshing!  We had a great time trick or treating with family, FREEZING at Friday night football, and then recovering from an ugly UGA loss to Florida...oh, our Dawgs, what is the deal???...LOL!  

Just wanted to share a brand new fall bundle with you in case you are looking for some new goodies to supplement and enrich your November instruction.  These activities are also each offered separately in my teacher stores.


Have a great week, bundle up, and stay warm!  My friends in TN and NC reported that they even got a bit of snow this weekend!  Blessings, Shannon :-)