Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Back to School

August 1st...time to turn our attention back to ALL THINGS SCHOOL!  Eeeeeek...I stomach does butterfly flips every new back to school season!

I wanted to share a bit of news and some sales goodies...First of all the TPT Back to School Sale is underway.  I'm already loading up my cart!  What's on your list? Be sure to use the code BTSFRESH for bonus savings!!!

Also, these are some new goodies and bundles in my store that I wanted to share--perfect for Back to School!  Here are just a few examples...

TONS of new growth mindset themed sets...66 in ALL...follow the link to see them all...CLICK HERE!

Bulletin Board Bundle for the Entire Year

My Bell Ringers/Journals/Creative Writing YEARLONG WRITING BUNDLE...
Bell Ringer Writing Prompts and Story Starters for the Entire Year!

These multi-level SEASONAL SUDOKU PUZZLES...
Sudoku Puzzles for All Seasons (Year Long Bonus Bundle)

Or my original WATT VALLEY critical thinking series...
Bell Ringers, STEAM Activities, and More (W.A.T.T. Valley Back to School Bundle)

I hope this seriously is your BEST YEAR YET!!!  Prayers for an AMAZING YEAR!

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