Sunday, January 16, 2011

Teaching Tip of the Week--Organization

     Do you find your desk cluttered with all sorts of miscellaneous things???  And if you are like me, the pile just seems to grow and grow throughout the day!  Well, this week I heard a great quote from Peter Walsh, "Flat surfaces are for working, not for storage."  This thought has really helped me focus on keeping my work area clear for working. 

Great tips for managing the endless flood of paperwork:

1) Handle business that can be handled immediately.
2) Try to trash or recycle "junk mail" as quickly as possible.  Don't let it pile up.
3) Create a "to do" basket of items to be addressed before leaving for the day.
4) Organize ongoing projects in a folder or on a clipboard.
5) Don't bury it all in your "teacher bag" and haul it back and forth everyday.  This would be my most common mistake. Terrible for your back and for your mental sanity!  ;-)
6) Keep yourself organized with a desk calendar and/or checklist.

     Hope these tips help you to be more productive and feel less cluttered!  Have a great week with your students!  Shannon :-)

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