Monday, October 24, 2011

Classroom Corner--My Trip to the Ron Clark Academy!

On Friday I had the opportunity to visit the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, GA.  I went with a wonderful team of teachers from my school.  Visiting this exciting place reaffirmed a couple of important things for me:

1)  Good teaching is good teaching.  Regardless of the type of students we teach, how many we teach, or how long we have been teaching for, it is critical to keep our zest for learning and for growing!
2)  Everyone benefits from setting goals and striving to reach them!
3)  There is joy in the journey.  Take time to enjoy life and recognize we only get one time around...make the most of every opportunity!

If you ever have the chance to visit, I would certainly recommend it.  At the very least, you may have the opportunity to read one of his books such as The End of Molasses Classes or The Essential 55.  Just wanted to give you a word to encourage you.  What is that old saying?  To teach is to touch a life forever...  Let's don't ever lose sight of that!  Shannon :-)

 Can you imagine fitting a car in your classroom?  Awesome!  This was Kim Bearden's room.
 Posing with Ron Clark!
What a great day!

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