Friday, August 10, 2012

Hallway Decor on the Cheap! :-)

Hi! Just wanted to show you what $9 and a little time could do.  I posted last week on my Facebook page the content strand posters that I painted for my hallway at school.  Here were the "before" pictures that I shared:

I then hung these from the ceiling using a $2.99 roll of black and white polka dot ribbon.  Each sign was painted on foam board I purchased for $1 from the dollar store.  I am so happy with them, and not just because they are cute. ;-)  They are a great way to remind my students of our 5 curriculum content strands:  critical thinking, creative thinking, affective thinking, communication, and research.  Similar posters could be made to reflect your grade level's standards or major themes.  Just a cheap and quick tip I wanted to share.  Here are the completed posters hung outside my room.

One more easy idea for you...I used posterboard, glitter, cardboard, and acrylics to make this bulletin board display outside my classroom door.  It goes great with my "All Aboard Mrs. Bryant's Brain Train" classroom theme, as well as our school's emphasis on "Train"ing students to be the best they can be. 

Our schoolwide TOP 10 are based upon Ron Clark's Essential 55.  As a faculty, we simply chose our favorites from his list of 55, such as "Celebrate with others!" and "Do the right thing even when no one is looking!"  I hung a list of our school's TOP 10 to the left of my train.  I also post my roster and schedule on this bulletin board, using scrapbook paper as a backing for each. 
I will try to post pictures of my completed new classroom by tomorrow!  HAPPY FRIDAY, everyone!  Shannon :-)

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  1. Love it. I wish we could hang stuff in our hallway.