Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Weekend Sale in Honor of Sadiebug!

Just a quick update for you...Our little one is turning 6 today, so I am hosting a weekend sale in her honor!!!  You will find 20% off of absolutely everything in my stores on both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook.  There are tons of new resources to choose from, as well as lots of familiar favorites.  Hope you will make plans to stop by and shop!  Just click the links on the right side of this web page to direct you to my stores.   
Sadie was such a blessing for our family when she joined us in 2007.  After a series of losses, we were ecstatic that a healthy baby was finally on the way!

  I had convinced myself that another precious boy was on his way to us, so I was absolutely thrilled to find that Baby Girl Bryant was actually on the way!  With a houseful of boys, Sadie's arrival was confirmation to me that the Lord truly does know the desires of our hearts.  

At just 11 days old, however, Sadie experienced a major setback, and we faced a parent's worst fear.  Baby Sadie--feverish, lethargic, and not eating--was rushed into her pediatrician's office for a midnight meningitis test.  Thankfully her spinal fluid was clear, and they frantically began to check for other causes.  

On the same day that we held her 2 week old photo shoot, Sadie was rushed to the children's hospital.  Diagnosed with kidney reflux, our girl fought to make a full recovery, but whew, those were some stressful early days at the Medical Center!

I am so thankful now for her health and for the joy that she brings to our household!  She has such a zest for learning and living and reminds me of just what joy there is in being a little girl! Happy birthday, Sadiebug!  We sure do love you!!!

Happy Friday, tomorrow, everyone!!!  Shannon :-)

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