Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Moments with Mimi--Learning from Movie Night

Well, back from Spring Break and time for another inspirational Monday Moment with Mimi.  Today you'll read about Mimi's movie adventure with my boys--Tucker and Tate--and their dad, Kevin.  Enjoy!  Shannon :-)

Learning from Movie Night 

Last week was our long-awaited Spring Break…the precious week of “loosed” grandchildren and free time (that “Mimis” like me look so forward to) had finally arrived! I would like to say that our week was full of sunshine, low-key trips, and relaxed fun. But it was not so!!! 

What we had was so much greater—a week filled with rainy days, eventful trips, and more adventure than I could have planned. For that I am grateful and will have much to post about at a later date. But for tonight–just a simple story… 

My grandsons are enthralled and quite knowledgeable about the writings of J.R.R.Tolkien, the author of many suspenseful tales such as the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. To be completely honest, I have never invested time or energy into reading any of his writings. But since the boys are such fans, I felt the need to at least be familiar with his books and characters. 
Several months ago, the boys asked me if I was gong to the movies to see the Hobbit in surround sound with them when it débuted. Of course my answer was YES (not that I had a clue what it was going to be like.) They were excited and conversations were plentiful about the coming of the Hobbit movie. 

I went to the library and checked out the book, so I could at least speak with some intellect about this “seemingly” simple story line. This was my first attempt at understanding the plot and the characters of this series. (For those of you who would like to do the same, it is not for the faint of heart!!!!) As I read page after page, nothing came easily. Actually, some of it did not come to me at all!!!! 

The story, set in Middle Earth many long years ago, is made up of characters that are literally “foreign.” For the most part, I was not reading this tale for enjoyment. I was endeavoring to expand my own horizon into my grandsons’ horizons. Weeks later the movie finally came out, and we were off. I was actually getting to join with the boys and their dad for “Boys’ Night Out.” 

As we found our seats, I found myself sitting with one vacant chair to my left and my son-in-law to my right. The boys were further down, on his other side. As we were waiting, I leaned over to my oldest grandson, who was seated a couple of seats down and whispered, “Tucker, you may have to explain some of this later, because I got confused with some parts of the book.” 

I leaned back and smiled to myself; “confused with some parts of the book” was a stretch. Truthfully, by the time we finally made it to the movie theater, I really could only remember “some parts” of the story. Nevertheless, the movie began! 

As the first scene opened with the surround sound blaring, my oldest got up, and plopped into the empty seat to my left. I said, “What are you doing?” He responded, “Mimi, you may have questions, and I want you to understand!” He sat there next to me the entire movie waiting to answer my questions, but more importantly asking me, “Mimi, do you know what is happening in this part?” 

What a precious memory and a simple reminder that I took away from our movie night adventure. Yes, now I am much clearer on the characters from the Hobbit, and in addition I am eagerly awaiting the rest of the story to hit the big screen. But also, I am forever touched by his 13-year-old willingness to explain and help me understand the book…not out of duty, but out of love. 

As Easter weekend has passed, I am reminded of another simple Bible story from the Gospel of Luke. Two men were talking on the road to Emmaus after the resurrection. The Lord walked alongside of them and joined in the conversation. When they recalled His teachings, they said, “Did our hearts not burn within us as he explained the Books of Scripture?” What a powerful testament to the act of explaining with love. 

So, like Tucker and even more so like Jesus, we should all be moved and willing to share with those less informed than us. We can give insightfulness to the characters of THE BOOK. Possibly in doing so, the hearts of others may be stirred and excited to know about the rest of the story—Christ’s story— as well!!!!! Blessings, Mimi (AKA Anne) 
Luke 24:32 “They asked each other, ‘Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?’”

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