Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 9 of 10...One of My Favorite Back to School DAILY DEALS for Your Classroom!

Today's DAILY DEAL has to be one of my absolute favorites!!!  Today for just $1.99 you will get the complete collection of WATT Valley Kids posters, stories, and coloring sheets.  These kids are perfect for motivating and inspiring your own little learners!  With cool characters like Scientific Sadie, Writer Will, Kind Kimmy, and Think-About-It Tucker, your students are challenged to think, problem-solve, and inquire like the kids of WATT Valley.  Hope you enjoy!!!!  Shannon

WATT Valley Kids Overview Pack (Posters, Printables, Profi

PS--And be sure to check back Monday--the last day of these 10 days of deals--for the biggest $1.99 giveaway yet...the GRAND FINALE!!!

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