Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Looking back and looking ahead...

It is such a joy connecting to all of you! This morning I felt led to share a word of encouragement, though, from personal experience! As 2015 approaches, let's try not to let too much technology and self-imposed pressure (we're teachers--we can't help it!) rob us of the joy of life, of connecting to everyday, real moments, and of spending time with our families and loved ones! 

Trust me, I have been guilty!!! I would race in the door from teaching, grab my lap top, and burn the midnight oil into the wee hours of the morning. Time with my personal children was sometimes actually spent surfing on my phone. 

Lots of lessons learned in 2014, so pressing on with improved focus, gusto, and time-management in 2015! Here's to finding healthy balance in 2015, meeting personal and professional goals and surpassing them, and giving thanks for the special people placed in our lives for each treasured season!!! Blessings, all, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Shannon 

PS--Looking for some great reads to help with managing life's many demands?  These are 2 of my favorites...

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