Sunday, February 22, 2015

10 Classroom Management Tips and Tricks to Try in Your Classroom!

With almost 20 years of classroom experience under my belt, classroom management is a topic that has come up in plenty of faculty meetings, collaborative planning sessions, and even professional learning courses!  From Harry Wong to Ron Clark, I have been blessed to hear and learn from the very best throughout my tenure as a teacher.

  A few years ago, I had the opportunity to write my own classroom management resource for teachers.  These 10 tips and tricks are ones that I have found to be of benefit in my own classroom, so I thought you might enjoy hearing them from me as well. 

Trust me--there are days that I am far from perfect, but these really have been a guiding beacon to help me through even the craziest of days!  Hoping they will benefit you as well...Blessings, Shannon
Top 10 Classroom Management Tips and Tricks from Shannon Bryant's Brain Train:

1.Never let them see you sweat--EVER! Appear to be in control, even if you are not! LOL

2.Be prepared and organized, yet flexible! You need to expect the unexpected because with children if it can happen, it will happen! Never lose sight of the fact that you are the adult in the room!

3.Never yell! Speak authoritatively in a deep, calm tone, but never shriek, scream, squeal, or lose it! They will have won, and you will be the one to appear out of control! 

4.Be creative! Have fun with teaching and guiding, and children will have fun with learning!

5.Parents are your best allies! If you are a teacher, win them over right off the bat! Persuade them that you also want the best for their child! Enlist the help of parents whom you trust and admire!

6.You are as much an actor as you are a teacher/parent. Just dispensing information is not enough. Be animated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and innovative!

7.Except respect! I try to create a safe, secure learning environment for all of my students. I will respect them, they will respect me, and they will respect each other!
8.Use redirection as a chance to improve vocabulary. Big words sound so impressive and intimidating anyway!  I do not hesitate to use words like inappropriate, intractable, loquacious, etc. in my redirects.

9.Always debrief after a redirection. This gives children the opportunity to talk about better decision-making in the future, and it brings closure to the incident.

10.Be positive, be positive, be positive!!!! Attitudes are contagious! Positivity goes a long away in creating a safe, supportive, optimistic environment!

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