Monday, February 9, 2015

Cool Math and a Math Linky!

I wanted to invite you to sneak a peek at a math linky I am participating in at the following link:  Pop over for some great math-based ideas for your own classroom on every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month!
I also wanted to take a moment this Monday to tell you about a math website that I absolutely LOVE! 
Cool Math is one of our absolute classroom favorites!  These games are excellent for developing critical and strategic thinking.  In fact, we love using the game Lemonade Stand ( to accompany our economics unit (   I love the math content my students are learning, and they love working on lemonade recipes, setting prices, and watching the reactions of their customers when the lemonade is just a bit too sour! LOL

There are other great economics games there as well, including Coffee Shop.  I would definitely recommend checking it out with your little learners (you might also love playing it yourself in your spare "teacher time")!

Connecting math in a meaningful way to other parts of the curriculum is so critical, and that's why I love so much...because of its excellent variety and content!

Shannon :-)

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