Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to Rock as a New Teacher!!!!

Hi! It's Shannon from over at Bryant's Brain Train...I'm joining up with some of my favorite education rockstars to share some ideas for all of you new teachers!!!  

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my thoughts on the "Rock as a New Teacher" countdown!
I've loved reading the awesome ideas of others over at the linky, so here are a few more tips from me...
1) Make memories!
I am heading into my 20th year of teaching and cannot believe how fast the time has flown.  Take time to enjoy each class, each parent, each student!  You will be amazed how quickly the time will pass!

2) Stay organized!
Find a system that works for you and follow it!  Managing all that comes with teaching, grading, planning, etc. can be a bit overwhelming...don't let the paper monster eat you alive!  Want to read more about some of my favorite tips for staying organized?  Click HERE!

3) Form meaningful connections with your teaching team!
I have been so blessed to teach with some fantastic teachers over the years!  Be willing to learn from your team and share your ideas with them.  My fellow teachers have been alongside me through some of my best days and some of my worst, and I would't trade those friendships for anything!  An atmosphere of trust and respect makes for an incredible working environment!

1) Don't be a teacher hoarder!  
As hard as it is, it's OK to throw things away.  Your instinct will be to gather and save everything in sight...mine certainly was!  Now--2 decades in--I have a basement, office, garage, and classroom full of teaching materials that I cannot bear to part with.  Unfortunately, if you're not careful, what you can't bear to part with begins to bury you after awhile.  Just say no to teacher hoarding!!! :-)

2) Don't fizzle too soon!
It is so exciting to get your first classroom, your first class roster, your first planbook, your first gradebook.  Just remember, teaching is a marathon, not a sprint!  Take time to rest and refresh!  Enjoy family, friends, and things outside of the 4 walls of your classroom.  Read, pray, rest...all those things that refresh and rejuvenate your teacher soul.  Want to read more of my thoughts about the importance of maintaining balance?  Click HERE!
1) Remember that each day is a new day!
Children are resilient, and so are you!  It is never too late to begin again.  Even if you have a bad day, a bad week, or a bad month, you can always begin anew!  My first day of teaching 4K was horrendous!  I said, "Let's line up for recess," and 20 4-year olds mowed me down running to the playground.  Thank goodness for a weekend to come home and make a new plan.  Day 2 was light years better, and I learned that mistakes are always redeemable and forgiveable!  Sometimes we are our toughest critics!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Click HERE to check out more classroom management goodies from me in my teacher store.  Hope you have a wondeful first year!!!  All the BEST!
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  1. I am so happy to see so many teachers advising new teachers to make connections with other teachers. It is so important. Thanks for sharing!

    Made with Love

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