Monday, June 22, 2015

Organizational Link Up...Week 2!

Hi!  Hope you had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!  I am so incredibly thankful for both my husband and my fortunate to have their love and encouragement in my life!
It's time for another link up with the Peaches from over at The Primary Peach, so I wanted to share an easy teacher tip with you for this week...
This week's idea focuses on classroom survival.  As much as I love teaching and feel so blessed to have taught for the past 20 years, burnout and exhaustion have also been hurdles I have had to overcome.  Therefore, this week's tip is entitled...
We all get derailed from time to time...after all, we are human and pitfalls are only natural!  So, my tip for this week is a relatively easy one for you...  

Wanna know something that will truly help your teaching next year and prepare you to start the year on an organized and efficient note?  Take time this summer to rest and recharge your battery!  I know, I know...easier said than done, right?!
For me, this has involved doing some at home clean-up and clean-out that I can not get to during the school year.  Cleaning both my mental clutter and my at-home clutter enables me to think more clearly and accurately as the school year approaches.  

This has also involved carving out some time to spend with my family, sitting with my feet up at the lake/pool, reading, painting, visiting family...doing some things that I really enjoy but don't always take the time to do!
I have to confess...sometimes taking time to be still is harder than it sounds!  My mind often races with things I need to do, tasks I need to accomplish, emails I need to answer, units I need to tweak!  Guilt gives chase unfortunately...

But what I have realized is that there are a lot of people who depend on me!  In order to give them my best, I need to be at my best.  This involves being rested and refreshed before August rolls around again!
So my teacher advice to you this week is pretty basic.  Take some time to take care of you, love on the people who love you, do something that nourishes your mind and body!  Then, you will be energized and ready to face the peaks and valleys that lie ahead in the upcoming school year!  Blessings!


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