Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Mouth Is a Volcano! birthday was Monday--as was Open House--and I have to admit, I've been dragging a little this week!  My class and family were both so sweet and gave me lots of fun surprises to make the day special, but boy, I was so TIRED before Tuesday even rolled around!

Thanks, Miss Kitty's Class, for this hilarious pretty much sums up where you'll find me tonight. LOL

And can we take just a sec to talk about Instagram???  The perfect blend of teacher tips, teacher photos, and teacher hilarity...I love it!  If your not already following me on Instagram, just click the image below to see my Instagram posts and updates. 
Wednesday is here, and Labor Day is just around the corner!  I just LOVE school in September...high school football on Friday nights, college football on Saturday afternoons, and by then, our 4th graders have settled into a lovely school routine!

I wanted to share with you an adorable book that I read aloud in class today.  It was shared with me by a colleague and by students absolutely loved it! 
Find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.  It was such a GREAT read-aloud for back to school, but could also be used to teach a variety of topics thoughout the year--manners, self-control, empathy with story characters, onomatopoeia, etc.  There are also many CUTE and ENGAGING pins on Pinterest with additional activities.  Click HERE to see some of those.  My students loved making predictions throughout the story and understood that for Louis (the main character) THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  Blurting out is such a temptation when kids really do have so many great ideas!

This book reminded me also of Barry Tuckerman in our current novel read aloud, Gooney Bird Greene.  

He has has something to say about everything!  But, at least, he does remember to raise his hand LOL.  
We are loving the Gooney Bird Greene books, so I am including the link for them HERE as well in case you are interested in finding out more about these light-hearted, fun stories from Lois Lowry.   

One last thing...while perusing on Amazon today I did find one more MUST-HAVE.  Look at these adorable Emoji stamps.
I am adding these to my shopping list ASAP!  Click HERE to see them for yourself.  I am already brainstorming a list of ideas--student motivation, writing activities, student learning inventories and surveys, my classroom treat box, etc.  

Enjoy the rest of your week and your Labor Day holiday!  All the best!

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