Saturday, August 6, 2016

Set the Stage to Engage with the Olympics!

Many of us are back at school already, and the Rio games offer us a unique opportunity to ENGAGE our students with some Olympic-themed fun!  I'm sharing a few of my fav ideas with you today in order to help you and your students BE INSPIRED as you GO FOR THE GOLD this school year!

Like any silly family, we love fun and games, so we've even gotten into the spirit at home.  And thankfully, the people I live with are really good sports! 
A few photos of our Olympic-mania...our medal ceremony followed a strenuous evening competition of straw javelin, cotton ball shot put, Gatorade lid discuss, and Nerf target shooting. Good times and only 2 disqualifications--LOL! 
Once dinner and our family events were done, I got busy updating my Olympic/7 Wonders of the Ancient World TPT resource while tuned in to the Opening Ceremonies! Interested in seeing more of this resource...just click the images above.

There are also a couple of Olympic-themed FREEBIES in my TpT store.  These pics are hyperlinked and will take you straight to them for download.
Lastly, I found few Pinterest pins that looked like they would also be fun to incorporate into the classroom as we set the stage to engage for the rest of our school year.

My friend, Susan, loves making these pipe cleaner athletes with her little ones.  They are easily adapted for the summer or winter games!
Or how about this for an adorable photo opp?
Coloring seems to be all the latest rage, so the Imagination Box offers this Rio-inspired gem...
Hope your weekend is amazing!  Want to spend it tuned in to the Olympic games while you write lesson plans or enjoy your last few lazy days of summer?  Click HERE to see the schedule!

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