Monday, February 20, 2012

Ministry Minute and the Parenting Place--Bible Alphabet Letter L

Perhaps befitting after Valentine's Day, this week's letter with my little ones at children's church was L.  Our scripture was, "Love is patient, love is kind."  After a fun time of singing, dancing, and prayer requests, it was time to get to our lesson.

This week I showed my kiddoes 2 plants--1 healthy and alive, one not so much...
Clunky Monkey, our puppet friend, stifled tears as he shared how sad he was that his plant had died.  Well, what had been the problem?  Clunky didn't like taking care of his plant everyday; waiting for it to grow was taking too long!   So to save time and effort and to help it grow in a hurry, Clunky had simply left it in the shower with the shower running for 1 whole day--surely that should have been enough water for his little plant.  
Of course, the kids all shouted, "No, Clunky!"  They went on to tell him that plants need the right amount of water everyday, not just a whole bunch one time.  And plants also need sunlight and plant food and good soil.  There is lots of love and care that goes into growing a healthy plant!

I connected this idea to our verse about love.  True love is patient and kind.  It shares, takes time and care, and is the kind of love God wants us to have for other people.
  At the conclusion of our lesson, my little ones moved like "raindrops" back to their tables where they colored their letter L Bible coloring page.  I LOVE my children's church kids and hope you LOVE these posts about our activities in our classroom together.  Have a great week!  Shannon :-)

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