Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gifted Gab and the Classroom Corner--"Let's Go" State Fair!

This past week our school held its annual state fair at which students present their research on one of the 50 states.  Students complete triboards...
bring in "extras" such as these models of the Rocky Mountains for Colorado and the Grand Canyon for Arizona...
creatively illustrate important historical events, such as this model of the Alamo for Texas...
and demonstrate their creativity with written reports and additional art projects, such as the state transformation shown here.  Can you see the state outline which has been transformed into an illustration of their neighborhood? 
My colleague and friend, shown here with me, does a beautiful job with the state t-shirts which students later paint with craft paint and wear on their project days.
Some students even give away goodies at their stations.  Can you see my daughter here with her chocolate stash from the Pennsylvania booth? 
All of the classes at our school are invited to tour and visit the state project booths.  Even my little Tate came by with his 3rd grade class.  Of course, Mom had to sneak in a hug and a photo while he was there.
Interested in hosting your own state fair?  I would invite you to check out my "Let's Go--Travelling across the 50 States Social Studies Unit" at my TpT store.  Simply click the link below:

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