Monday, April 23, 2012

Gifted Gab and the Classroom Corner--More 7 Wonders Fun and an Economics Update!

Today we took a trip to Alexandria, Egypt to visit the Lighthouse of Alexandria.  After studying about this impressive ancient structure on the Island of Pharos, my students used empty 2 liter bottles to make lighthouse models.  This was the perfect activity to do today, since we were able to apply what we have learned over the past week about reusing and recycling. 
We simply used white paint to coat the plastic bottles.  Students made construction paper flames and glued them to the bottle caps.  Then we hot glued on plastic cups to form the top of the lighthouse.  Students also glued facts from today's study on the back sides of their structures as well.
One word of warning...this is what my shirt looked like after today's class, so be prepared to get a little messy with this lesson extension. :-)
In conclusion, students generated a list of information they found interesting about today's lesson, and we recorded these facts on our classroom flip chart. 
Students also wrote about our lesson in their 7 Wonders Learning Logs.
We also took a trip inside a modern lighthouse through a Reading Rainbow resource on United Streaming.  Here is the link to that video clip:
If you are interested in more 7 Wonders of the Ancient World learning fun and enrichment, my entire unit is available at the link below:
Just one more bit of info, I have recently added even more learning fun to my 178 page Classroom Economics resource.  If you have already purchased this unit, simply revisit my TpT site to download your revised copy.  If you are interested in adding exciting economics instruction into your own classroom, follow the link below:

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