Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ministry Minute and the Parenting Place--Bible Verse Letter S

For those of you that are new to my blog, each week my kiddoes in children's church have been learning about a different Bible verse based upon the letters of the alphabet.  We use a more traditional Bible story series for our Wednesday night study, so focusing on Scripture memory has been a fun approach on Sunday mornings.  We have learned some great verses along the way, such as "Pray without ceasing" and "Rejoice in the Lord always."  Today's verse centered on the letter S.  

Matthew 6:33 says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God."    After prayer and worship time, our lesson began with a very sad visit from Spot the Dog.  Poor Spot!  He lost his favorite doggy bone and had spent all morning looking for it!
The kids and I encouraged Spot not to give up--to keep looking for his bone.  Sure enough, with a little more help and encouragement from us, Spot retrieved his bone and all was well!
 We also played a quick game of "Hide and Seek" to ensure that the kids understood the meaning of the word seek. 

Then it was time for the "meat" of the lesson.  We talked about what it means to seek after God and his will for our lives.  While waiting for their parents, the children colored one of the Bible verse review pages.  As usual, I mounted a color copy of the verse on scrapbook paper and hung it up for classroom reference.
As an adult, the significance of this verse it not lost on me.  Often I find myself seeking after other, friendship, approval, recipes on Pinterest...  I needed to be reminded of this verse for my own life as well.  Seeking FIRST the kingdom of God...that is my prayer for this week and the weeks to come!  Blessings, Shannon :-)

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