Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Moments with Mimi--Cookies and Blessings

Hi, friends!  Welcome back for week 2 of Monday Moments with Mimi.  I feel so blessed to be able to share these words of wisdom and anecdotes from my mom with you.  Enjoy, share, and be blessed!  Shannon :-) 
Cookies and Blessings

Just a week or so ago I was blessed to be surrounded with all 5 of my precious grandchildren in various combinations and in different locations for 5 days, 4 nights, 9 hours, and 37 minutes.  It was an exciting time, but when they all were gone, all I could say was WHEW!!!!!!  And remember and smile.
Memories like these I have come to treasure.  For example, in my kitchen, I have a cabinet where I keep chocolate chip cookies. As little additions have been made to the family, I have purposely dropped the location of these cookies from the top shelf to the middle shelf to the bottom of the cabinet.  It’s only fair that all have equal reaching opportunities.

From day one when my grandchildren were not even tall enough to reach the handle of the cabinet to pull the door open, they could use their little fingers to pry open the door from the side, and there lay the cookies in the package.  Often I’ve listened to the unique squeak of the door opening, the shuffling of the cookie wrapper as they worked diligently to get the cookies out, and then the door quietly closing.  All the while, I wait because I would have gladly given them the cookies, but to them it is something to be said that they have done it on their own.

As I remember the sound of the cabinet opening with its unique squeak, I always smile.  I know that to them, they have found a prize and gotten away with something big at Mimi’s.  What an accomplishment for them!!!! (Like I didn’t hear the sounds all along.)  
They have missed the concept that I have purposely bought and placed the cookies within their reach, waiting for them to discover what their little hearts’ desire, and I am smiling at their find.

So much more it is with the Lord. He daily places Blessings of Life within our reach for us to enjoy and then smiles as we too, like the kids, think that we have worked and made the secret find on our own, when all the while He has lovingly provided.  Anne

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  1. Sharon LivingstonJuly 3, 2012 at 11:24 AM

    What a great analogy!!! Can't you just see God's smile when we're so proud of what "we've" done?