Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Moments with Mimi--When You Wish upon a Star...

When You Wish upon a Star…

On vacation this past week, I was sitting out on the balcony of our 4th floor condo looking at the stars with my granddaughter, Sadie, on my lap.  We were up late--much past both of our bedtimes.  She was eagerly, and somewhat accurately, pointing out the constellations to me--Orion’s Belt, the Big and Little Dippers, and then a falling star. (I suspect it was actually an airplane from the nearby airport, but we called it our falling star.)

Sadie said we should quickly make a wish.  I was prepared to explain to her that we did not really wish on falling stars, or low flying airplanes, but I waited out of curiosity in order to hear what her wish was. She closed her pretty eyes, held up her pointer finger and wished that she could spin a basketball on her index finger like the boys did.

She then said, “Mimi, you make your wish.”  I hesitated and then just said what I was actually thinking at that moment, “I wish DanaBug (my youngest daughter) and her family could stay with us longer at the beach.”  Kids in the pool below us jumped and splashed below us and that was the end of our conversation. Sadie’ interest shifted down to the pool activities below us.

We continued on with our night: TV, snacks, teeth brushing, and then bedtime. After our goodnight story, Sadie began her nighttime prayers which included thanking God for our fun day, keeping those at home safe, fun for tomorrow, and then the interesting part…she paused and said, “And God, don’t forget what Mimi said about Aunt Dani tonight. Amen.”

I was touched.  This child with her simple ways had spoken volumes to a Mimi that was prepared to deliver spiritual clarity about wishing two hours earlier. But my explanation hadn’t been necessary, because Sadie already knew that a “wish” about important things was really prayer. And she already knew that my “wish” was worth repeating to God, just to remind Him. She had offered an intercessory prayer on my behalf.

Sadie didn’t know about the formality or structure of intercessory prayer, but was tenderly, sensitively mindful of doing it!!!!! Interesting isn’t it?

Thanks for the lesson reminder, my sweet Sadie, that I too should always be sensitive to remember the prayers of others.  Did I mention that she just turned 5?  Interesting isn’t it, what a child can teach us?  Anne

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