Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Monday Moment with Mimi--GIving Thanks for Circles

Hi, everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  This week Mimi inspires us with her words of reflection and wisdom about circles and snapshots.  Enjoy!  Shannon :-)
Giving Thanks for Circles

For those of us who hold dear this Season and its reason, it is a wonderful time!  But even for those of us who purpose to fill our days between Thanksgiving and Christmas with love and laughter, it can still be somewhat trying! Grrrr...As a result, we aggressively determine to avoid life’s frustrations.   But this can become a task!!!

Last night as I listened to a sermon from Romans, a small quote gave me a reason to reflect.  It put in perspective my last few days.  For me, I can truly say that I started off last Wednesday with a prayer, a purpose, and a determination to have a meaningful Thanksgiving, one way or the other!  By the following Sunday night, I realized that I had indeed enjoyed a heartfelt “Giving Thanks” weekend.  

This all happened by remembering my “circles.”  I thought back over the snapshots—the Kodak moments—of my days around this Thanksgiving.   These moments were actually blessings to be thankful for.  Can I take a moment and share my hearts turning with you, a circle at a time?

  Thursday morning all in our family were up early, cooking, preparing, and eagerly awaiting the noon meal to eat and fellowship with those we are so thankful for.  And even just to see those we only see once a year.  In either case, everyone brought a dish to be devoured, and we all enjoyed the devouring. 

Before we began the meal, our family formed our traditional circle for the prayer and to each share a moment about what we are thankful for.  My family truly circles around each other and knows this circling power.   We circle to have prayer for the sick, to cry for those we have lost, and even to laugh at those remaining!!!  We circle.  My first blessing snapshot is family. 
Then came the afternoon activity.  It is sometimes a project, sometimes a craft – but always a time filled with laughter and fun.  Several family members changed into less festive, less dressy, active wear for this year’s afternoon entertainment.   This year it was neither a craft nor a project, but rather a volleyball game. Spirit-filled, I might add.  I was the oldest and therefore got to be one of the team captains and put together a team.  Later it became the Ladies vs. the Men.  The youngest player was maybe 6 – but all were still a part in this family event.

  We circled again.  This time in a “girl” huddle for a chant or cheer hoping to throw the guys off balance; it almost worked.  If only they had been more honest in their rotating and did less gloating in their spiking!!!  J  In this huddle of ladies,  I am a part of the second blessing snapshot—fun!   The afternoon volleyball ended and all claimed to be the victor, for various reasons.  Some because they had been on the ground, and some because they had not.  All had reason to brag! 

Then Black Friday came with frenzied shopping with beloved family members.  But near the end of the shopping day, we changed our pace.  We looked at Christmas trees at a local museum and hiked around a small, serene pond with dear, dear friends.  Can I mention the small serene pond walk was a circle of its own???  My third blessing snapshot would be friends. 
Saturday came early, and I found myself in the throws of my two daughters as they were on a mission to complete a project they were designing.  The project would allow the Christ of Christmas to be in the forefront of a new family activity.  As I sat around the table with them, I listened intently to their conversations, opinions, and views. I was privy to listening to their hearts and being part of a circle once again.  My circles since Thursday had reduced in size, but not in power.

This last circle is the hope of every mother. This circle is the beginning of future circles for future generations.  This blessing snapshot was the final of the four and the grandest.   It was a Kodak moment seen and recognized by all of us—faith!!!! 

I would encourage you this Season to daily see your life in simple snapshots of BLESSINGS to be thankful for.  Appreciate your own circles large or small; these are picture perfect moments that you have been blessed with.  Let these snapshots reveal the real joy that encircles you.  Then your Thanksgiving will truly be about Giving Thanks!

The scripture I referenced earlier in Romans 1 said, “For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him…”  I always want to sit encircled with my snapshots spread out around me…seeing the blessings in them and giving thanks to Him.  The busyness of my Thanksgiving weekend wasn’t about a task; it was a treasure—all because of I recognized my circles of blessings!  Mimi (AKA Anne)

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