Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Monday Moments with Mimi--Even Pink Christmas Trees

I love today's story from Mimi!  God is so good, in both big ways and small!  Read, share, and be encouraged!  Shannon :-)
Even Pink Christmas Trees

This weekend was another one of my eventful trips down I-16 to visit with my youngest daughter and to get hugs from my sweet 3 year old granddaughter.  Eventful is not really a complete assessment of our weekend, nor does it even begin to describe the working of our bucket list for those 2 days.  At the end of a mere 30 hours, we had accomplished much, and it was time for me to come back on I-16 again.  I left with even more to do than when my trip started, but that will be left till later—much later…I need to recover from this trip first.  J

Saturday morning we found ourselves in a quaint little shop purchasing beautiful Christmas ornaments for a 4-foot, pink Christmas tree for Catherine Anne’s room. Actually, we were in several stores, including the quaint shop I mentioned, Michaels, and Home Goods—because this year this tree would be beautiful!   Catherine Anne’s tree is 3 years old, just like her. Her tree serves as a reminder of God’s surprise gifts He gives to us—it is a pink tree that has a story. 

In 2010, shortly after Catherine Anne was born, my daughter Dana wanted a special tree for her newly decorated pink room.  But the special Christmas tree she wanted was a bit expensive and could not be justified as a part of the household budget.  Dana actually located one at Home Goods that she put in the buggy and put back on the shelf a couple of times, but finally decided against purchasing it—that amount of money could be better spent on something else.  She thought maybe next Christmas, the household budget will be bigger and allow for a $60.00 pink tree.   In her words, “ I was good with my decision to wait.”   

As the Christmas season approached, we were just fine having our precious Catherine Anne sleeping sweetly in her baby bed, with or without the much sought after pink tree for her room.  We were just thankful for her safe and healthy arrival. 

Surprisingly, I got an excited call one morning from my daughter, and she exclaimed that we would not be on the lookout for a pink tree any longer.  Why?  It had been delivered to her house in her front yard in the rain!!!  Well, maybe not exactly in her front yard…but right next door, in her neighbor’s yard.  

That is the back-story, and this is the story.  One particular early morning, it was raining, and my daughter went to check on Catherine Anne in her baby bed.  Dana pulled back the window blind to see how hard it was raining, and behold, there was a pink Christmas tree—one just like “THE pink Christmas tree,”  and it was sitting right there.  It wasn’t exactly in my daughter’s yard, but it was close—just a few feet away. 

Dana told William (my grandson) to stay in the house and let her run go see what this tree was doing right out front!!!!  She put on her husband’s slippers, slipped a pullover over her P.J.s, and hurried out the front door in the rain. 

See, Dana’s neighbor was having a yard sale and the tree was there for $2.00.  The perfect tree.  The exact tree that we had been looking for.  Hallelujah! 

Dana asked the neighbor if she thought the pre-lit tree would work since it had been out in the rain.  The neighbor replied with a maybe and then reduced the price to $1.00.  Amazing!  So Dana gathered up the tree in a black, wet trashbag—dripping in her wet attire—and walked back home with her treasure.

That first year, in 2010, Dana just put the tree in Catherine Anne’s room with no decorations, only covered in the lights that miraculously worked in spite of being rain-soaked.  Somehow that first year we didn’t need to have decorations on her tree to be pleased; we were just so grateful for the gift of the tree. This was a God wink, a surprise gift, and note to self that He gives us the desires of our hearts.  

I came back up the Interstate after my weekend visit remembering this story, but more importantly remembering my morning with my precious Catherine Anne. We shopped for her new festive ornaments to decorate her beautiful pink tree.  And then we returned to my daughter’s house and decorated a true gift from God—an answered prayer in the form of a pink Christmas tree!  Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!  Mimi (AKA Anne)
“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  Psalm 37:4  

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