Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ministry Minute and the Parenting Place--Easter Devotion Ideas

Easter Day 
by Evaleen Stein
Christ the Lord is risen today!
Angels rolled the stone away
From the tomb wherein He lay!
Little children, come and sing,
"Glory, glory to the King,
Christ the Lord of everything!"

Easter is such a crazy, emotional week for me...such sadness when I think about all that occurred on Easter week thousands of years ago, but at the same time, incredible joy at the hope that a RISEN SAVIOR offers to all of us!  

Tonight I kept tearing up when telling the Easter story to my preschoolers at church.  Goodness, I thought I was going to make them cry too--poor things!  
My sweet sister, Dana, emailed me this week with some fabulous and fun ideas she is doing with her own little ones, so I wanted to share with you as well.  I LOVE THESE!    
  • Monday:  Make a cross for decorating during the week, using construction paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Tuesday: Look for/make palm leaves to lay at foot of cross to mark when Jesus arrived into town; write on them other names for Jesus and then glue them down.
  • Wednesday: Decorate the base of the cross with flowers.  On each flower write something that you are grateful for or that Jesus has done for you.
  • Thursday: Wash each other's feet and read the Passover story.
  • Friday: Use black construction paper x's and talk about our sins.  Emphasize how Jesus was crucified for our sins.
  • Saturday: Make a white banner with a message of thanks to Jesus, using a sheet, old shirt, or construction paper.  (Then, while kids are sleeping, remove the "sins" from the cross and hang the white banner on instead. Cross will be beautiful complete with palms, flows and white banner.)
Just so sweet...especially as I imagine her 2 children washing each other's feet and learning to mirror the servant's heart that Jesus had!  I hope these ideas are a blessing to you as well!  I know it is Wednesday already, but I think you could combine some of these ideas in order to squeeze them in on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

There are even more FREE devotion ideas for you at the link below.  Hope you have a wonderful Holy Week! 
Fun Family Easter Devotions and Resources!
Love, Shannon :-)

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