Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Monday Moments with Mimi--Resuming the DVD

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And now on to this week's post from Mimi!  Enjoy and be blessed!!!  Shannon :-)
Resuming the DVD 

I am one of those people that really enjoys all the seasons of the year. For with each season comes a host of holidays and perhaps even more noticeable, refreshing changes in the weather. The transition from the cold of winter into the warmth of spring may be my favorite!!! The only set back is when we have (like this week) a few, wonderful days of warmth followed by a radical turnaround, and we head back into the cold days of winter for a few more unexpected days of shivering! 

I guess in life, change is not really my forte in general. From 72 and sunny back to 32, damp, and windy in 48 hours does not bring me any enjoyment. It forces me back inside the confines of my small den to do my walking/aerobics exercising, and that to me is a real source of discontentment. I have an indoor 2-mile workout DVD that I have made into an aggressive 3 mile jaunt, all within the confines of my small den. The only perk of my morning routine is fixing a cup of coffee, picking up my weights, and beginning my exercise program in 7 minutes or less from waking up. 

The other day, my cast iron weights had begun to be very hard to hold as I approached the 3 mile mark. My hands had become sweaty and my grip was much looser than I expected. Letting loose in-flight of the 3lb weights I was holding would be disastrous through my beautiful picture window, glass display case, or the television that I am at times only 3 feet away from while walking!!!! 

Ordinarily, in the brisk spring air at the outdoor neighborhood track I frequent, my hands do not become slippery or sweaty at all. Even so, really how dangerous is a loosed flying 3-lb weight when you are outdoors??? But this sweaty-hand fiasco was an interesting obstacle for me to overcome in my indoor workout. I paused my DVD, jogged to the thermostat, dropped the temperature, and assessed my den from a different angle. I re-positioned my stance so that if I lost the weights, no real damage would be done. In this new-found position, I had more room to move, but I had to turn away from my inspirational, instructional DVD. Instead, I now stood staring into a very messy desk covered in paperwork and bills. In my peripheral vision, all I could see was a dark hallway. That visual was not pleasing in the least and brought me no reminders of the great outdoors that I love!!! Alas, what to do??? 

Simple solution. I just jogged into the bathroom, grabbed a small hand towel, and hurriedly wiped off my hands and the weights. I then returned to the den and resumed my DVD (facing my original direction), but now with less-damp hands. I tossed the small towel onto my love seat and continued on to complete the final portion of my routine. I was silently amused, and immediately knew that this moment would be the inspiration for this week’s blog post—when circumstances temporarily confine us, another way to overcome may present itself!!!! 

But that was not my only lesson learned—that was just a reminder of the power of positive thinking. It was not until I picked up the remote and resumed playing my DVD that the real lesson came to me. We do not have a remote to pause life for us. The reality is that there are no pause buttons at all in life for us to hit. We are not afforded the opportunity to grab towels, change positions, or even wipe our sweaty hands. Therefore, when our weight becomes a little heavy and our grip a little loose, we just have to hold on tighter!!!!! 

As circumstances sometimes become difficult, don’t get lost gazing at the what if’s; grasp a little tighter on the what is!!! After all of that, it turns out that the ending of my DVD was only minutes from finishing. I really could have held on for a few more minutes. The glass of my window panes would not have been broken at all!!!! All my proverbial broken pieces and imagined “what if’s” could have been circumvented by simply having a tighter grip for a few minutes longer. LOL Today’s reminder for you and me--hold on!!! Blessings, Mimi (AKA Anne) 
Hebrews 10:23, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”

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