Monday, July 21, 2014

Lights, Camera, Thinking! and More...

I have some dear teacher friends headed back to school this week...THIS WEEK!  Where did the summer go?  In the spirit of Back to School time, I wanted to share with you a resource that I use in my own classroom, as well as several variations of this product that hopefully will benefit your little learners and match your classroom or school theme. 

My classroom is designed with a train theme in mind, so this is the set of Bloom's Taxonomy/higher order thinking posters that I made for my own class!

I use these in both teaching and planning, and laminated and posted them on my classroom wall for student reference as well.  Metacognition occurs when we get students thinking about their thinking, and these visuals help students think on a higher level and also articulate the types of thinking they are doing.

Interested in seeing if there is a set that matches your theme?  Here are some of the classroom sets available in my online stores for just $3...Whew...there are a bunch!  S :-)

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