Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Book Talk Link Up with Mrs. Jump's Class--Sharing Family Favorites

Hi!  I hope your summer is going swimmingly!  We have been busy with everything from summer football workouts to dentist appointments, but are trying our best to stop and enjoy this precious time together!  My husband and I have also both taken up a summer weight loss challenge, so clearly bathing suit season must be upon us.  LOL lots of produce and not too much chocolate are what is found in our kitchen this summer.

As my little ones here at home work hard to complete their summer reading assignments, I have been pleasantly surprised by a trend I have noticed in all 3 of my little readers.  My oldest is now 14, but when he was in the 1st/2nd grade Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House world opened up to him.  What little boy doesn't love a tree house--particularly one that can travel!  (http://www.magictreehouse.com/)

By the time his little brother Tate came along, we would find the boys huddled together, listening to this series on audio books checked out at our local library (also available on iTunes.)  These dramatic retellings were excellent for Tate to use as he followed along with the text or simply as he drifted off to sleep at night or naptime.  Both of my boys were captivated by Osborne's tales of adventure, mystery, and time travel.

This summer, however, is when I was reintroduced to these stories again, only this time through the eyes of my 7 year old daughter.  While my boys loved Osborne's spectacled character Jack, my Sadie has found a friend in the spunky Annie.  Literally, Sadie has taken every Magic Tree House book off of our family bookshelf and stacked them beside her bed.  As soon as she finishes one, she is on to the next.

As an elementary teacher who looks for ways to add literature into content area instruction, I must add that these books are favorites of mine as well.  By introducing children to historical, scientific, and geographical events in an approachable and interesting way, kids are hooked and as their teacher, I am too!!!  What I also love is that Osborne now offers nonfiction companion texts to her fictional tales, which serve as great classroom research resources.  Here are just 2 examples, but there are TONS!



These books are excellent stand alone texts, but also fantastic when read as a part of a series!  Some content may be a little "intense" for young readers, so as always, read first before sharing with them.  Thanks so much for stopping by Bryant's Brain Train!  Enjoy your Tuesday!  Shannon :)

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  1. My 2nd graders can't get enough of the Magic Treehouse series! I always snag up a few copies when I can find them cheap at 2nd hand book stores. My basket is about to bleed over into a second MTH basket!

    1. I completely agree!!! We have also been able to buy lots of "sets" from Scholastic and other book orders. Hope you are having a wonderful 4th!!! Shannon :-)