Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gifted Gab and Classroom Corner--Gold Rush Learning Logs

Today my students concluded their gold mine books, which they have been working on as a part of our gold rush study. The books are made up of the learning log pages I created (as mentioned in a previous post), as well as photos of classwork and our miner celebration day. I cannot wait for students to take home their books next week. I think parents will be thrilled to see how much their children have learned! I have included a few snapshots here for you as well.
Learning logs are a great way to create a published work for students and parents to treasure.  These learning logs can be a great learning tool, as well as a fun way for students to "show-off" all that they have learned in a unit of study.  Of course, we do not have time to complete learning logs for every study, however my 3rd graders will make two learning logs over the course of this school year--one for gold rush and one for an economics unit we will do in the spring.

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