Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gifted Gab and the Classroom Corner--Happy 100th Day of School!

Hi, everyone!  Friday marked the 100th day of school for us, and it seems impossible to believe that we have already been in school 100 days.  I just love seeing the children dressed as 100-year old grandmas and grandpas around our school--absolutely adorable!  My favorite costume of the day was a little girl decked out in pearls and a cardigan wearing a white wig decorated with pink sponge rollers--precious!

Some of my favorite 100th day activities to enjoy with my students include Super Science Experiments with Pennies and drawing 100-year old self portraits!  If you're looking for more great enrichment activities for the 100th day, I would love for you to preview my 100th Day Resource Pack at the link below!  Happy 100th day to you and your little ones!!!  Shannon :-)

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