Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gifted Gab and the Classroom Corner--Some Goodies and Pics from Our 100th Day of School

Hi!  Just thought I would share a few goodies from our 100th day.  Here is my little 100 year old, all ready for the 100th day.  We had a blast getting her ready, but whew...the grey hair paint surely was messy!  She ended up with grey ears, great eyebrows, and a grey nose. ;-)

I LOVE THIS BOOK!  We read it to start our day of learning fun!
100th Day Worries
These are just a few of the learning activities you will find in my 100th Day Unit, prefect for improving critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and problem solving in your little learners.  This resource contains tons of goodies including: Simple Science for the 100th Day, 100th Day Creative Writing Prompts, Stationery/Writer's Workshop Paper, 100th Day Definitions, Dice Games, Math and Measurement Problems, Sudoku Puzzles, Logic Puzzles, Creative Thinking Activities, Bulletin Board Ideas, Favorite Crafts, 100th Day Game Play, 100th Day Word Play, plus lots, lots more!!!! (  

How about a 100th Day Word Sort?
Or a game of 100th Day Strike Out?!
Sudoku puzzles are perfect for older students...
And for Younger Ones!
We also added several new differentiated 100th Day learning experiences based on the tale Sleeping Beauty.  Here are a few snapshots from that unit pack as well.  Complete with cross-curricular resources that teach critical thinking, creative thinking, and communication, students have a blast in Sleeping Beauty's kingdom! Use these alone, in tandem with other literature activities, across content areas, in classroom learning stations, etc. This pack is loaded with ideas that can be used with your whole group, in small groups, or for centers. The possibilities are endless! (

Although I currently teach gifted, these are also wonderful for use in the regular classroom! What a great way to celebrate the 100th day by developing great thinking!!!  Have a great Friday tomorrow, everyone!  Shannon :-)

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