Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Moments with Mimi and a Brand, New Teenager!

Happy Monday!  This Monday is especially special for our family!  Why?  Because our oldest has officially become a teenager.  That's right...Tucker is 13!  We are so thankful and blessed by this special young man and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for him!!! :-)  We love you, Tuckman!

This week Mimi has a bit of encouragement about learning from surprises.  Read, share, and enjoy!  Shannon :-)

Green Frogs and Great Surprises

Surprises come in different shapes and by different means, but they come to all of us!!!  Some are better than others.  On rare occasions, I have been greatly disappointed by surprising news, but for the most part, I think it would be fair to say I enjoy surprises!!!  

I relish the moments of anticipation when I know a surprise is coming.  Joy may be found in waiting before I unwrap my special Christmas family photo calendar.  Or it may be the wait in between the sound of car doors slamming and the grandkids running inside for hugs.  These surprises are small, but they are special surprises that I treasure. 

But, yikes, sometimes there are sudden happenings in life that we do not treasure or even like at all!!!  Such happenings catch us off guard and are sometimes even hurtful.  We can find ourselves in difficult predicaments as a result of “surprises” like these.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a few days of really nice weather.  I ventured into my backyard and pool area to piddle.  Really, what can you do in January, but piddle???  There is not too much gardening that can be done.

I have a large blue tub that sits on my deck for storing pool toys.  During the course of several rainy days, the tub had filled with water.  I wanted to empty it, but I was very aware of the possibility of uninvited critters hiding in the tub. 

It was getting late, and I had somewhere else to go.   I am not afraid of green hopping or even slithering residents…I just didn’t want them on my legs that day.  I hurriedly turned the tub on its side, but failed to properly place it away from me.  As the water was emptying, I quickly reached in to pull out the toys.  The green frogs picked that exact moment in time to exit the bucket.

I could almost hear them croak “SURPRISE” as they jumped to freedom toward me.  I stepped back and came very, very close to slipping off my small deck.  Actually I did misstep, but I remarkably recovered with an awkward maneuver.  The two froggies went on their way, and so did I!   

The next day, as I was cautiously picking up the scattered pool toys, I had to shake my head.  No surprises today!!!   Surprises?!  I knew there had been a possibility of frogs being in the pool toy bucket, so why the earlier mishap after all?  Could it be that I was in a hurry, not paying attention, and just carelessly reaching?

As I apply that to my own life, it speaks volumes to me.  What a life lesson!  Let’s be sure that our actions and our stance are such that when untimely events come, we are not taken aback or shaken around.  

Sometimes we must pay close attention to how we are standing.  Actually the two green frogs were not a great surprise at all.  I was just in no position to get out of their way!!!!  Let’s be ready for the lessons God sends our way.  Good or bad, there is much we can learn from daily “surprises.” 
Blessings, Mimi (AKA Anne)

1 Samuel 12:16, “Now then, stand still and see this great thing the Lord is about to do before your eyes!

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