Friday, January 11, 2013

Gifted Gab and the Classroom Corner--A Twist on the 100th Day...

What is that saying?  You know, the one about Necessity being the mother of invention...
I have to confess.  The 100th day is kind of like that.  It sneaks in after 2nd semester, and I am always looking for a great and engaging series of lessons to follow up all of our learning fun we have had around the holidays. 
BUT, there is a similar saying that I also love--A problem plus an opportunity equals a probortunity!  This year the 100th day was just that--a launching pad for a brand new resource from me! 
I am excited to share my most recently developed resource pack with you.  How about celebrating the 100th day with a trip to Sleeping Beauty's kingdom...where everyone has been asleep for 100 years?!  This link will take you to my most recent enrichment and extension resource on both TpT and Teachers Notebook.  I hope you love it as much as I do!
I also am providing the link to my traditional 100th Day unit.  This is also a HUGE hit with my little ones each year.  It is jam packed with interdisciplinary, differentiated learning tools for you and your little ones.
I hope you have a great weekend and an even better 100th Day!  Shannon :-)

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