Sunday, January 4, 2015

Starting off solidly....

Tuesday marks my first day back at school with students, and of course, we will be writing about our goals for 2015.  These will be proudly displayed on our January bulletin board.  Back in August, students wrote about their goals for this school year. They shared these before the break, and many were amazed at how much they had accomplished so far.  

I like midyear reflections like's good to take stock of where we are and make sure we are on track to get where we are going!  Their goals then included...make friends in my new class, get to know my new teachers, improve my cursive writing, play more games on the playground, do my homework every night, be a better friend...LOVE!  

We begin each school day with a "Morning Meeting."  Part of our meeting on Tuesday is going to center on this idea shared by MOB society:

What if we applied this to our classroom setting..."If we could be the best class we could be, what kinds of things would we be doing and saying?" or even personally..."If I could be the best ME that I could be, what kinds of things would I be doing and saying?"  These are the types of questions I want to ask my students, but also myself as well!!!

In the spirit of getting organized my mom, daughter, and I went shopping for 2015 planners.  Mine=basic black, my daughter's color of choice=sparkly purple LOL!  This weekend I have been busy recording important dates, setting goals, and of course, being thankful for another year!  Trusting you are on track for a tremendous 2015!!!!

Hope your first days back to school are a blessing!!!  Shannon :-)

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