Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wednesday Winter Goodies to Share...

Hi!  We are knee-deep in our polar regions unit.  I wanted to share some ideas that we have used in class this week...

Students are working on nonfiction book reports, and this is an example of the paper they are using to record their AMAZING ARCTIC FACTS!
They are also enjoying keeping a record of their learning in their Polar Learning Logs.  These make a great keepsake at the end of our unit and are so fun to use to launch our studies each day!
I found this adorable polar bear cub video online to share as well...polar bear cubs...THE CUTEST!  I love that it shows them climbing, swimming, and breaking the ice for fishing.   There is also a great Magic School Bus in the Arctic your children will enjoy!!!

Logic puzzles like these are also a great way to incorporate critical thinking into any unit of study!

Hope the rest of your week is warm and wonderful!  Shannon :-)

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