Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gifted Gab and the Classroom Corner--Classroom Economics

Can I just say again how much I love my kiddoes and how much fun we are having with our classroom economics unit?! 
Today we focused on the differences between goods and services.  After learning the definitions of each, we brainstormed examples of each type on a simple flip chart.  We also read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  We then added examples from the story to our list.  For example, in the story the tree provides the boy with goods such as apples for selling and branches for building a home.  She also provides him with services like shade.   
We then played a little game I made up of Goods and Services Charades.  Students from each group drew 3 pre-made charades cards out of a cup.  Although officially there is no talking in charades, I did allow students to tell us whether they would be acting out a good or a service.  I also allowed them to use props if needed.  
I gave away "table points" to tables who guessed correctly.  Table groups made their guesses using dry erase markers on mini-dry erase boards.  This seemed to be more manageable then just letting tables yell out their responses.  
Here is an example of one of my table's demonstrations for charades.  Can you guess?  Yes, it is a service...washing a car!
One more fun thing to share...students began to brainstorm their ideas for our classroom community today.  By democratic vote, we elected to name ourselves FOCUS Valley.  You can see our student-generated list of ideas here on our classroom SMARTboard.  During the voting process, I asked students to vote for their top 3, then their top 2, and then in the last round of voting, for their final favorite.  FOCUS Valley was the winner! 
These are a few ideas students generated for the flag of FOCUS Valley.  I just love seeing students develop their creative thinking skills!  Such a fun day! :-)
 If you are interested in these economics ideas or lots of others, my complete resource pack is available on both TpT and Teachers Notebook.  Shannon :-)

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