Monday, September 10, 2012

Ministry Minute and the Parenting Place-The Fruit of the Spirit, Patience

Today our Children's Church lesson was on the 4th fruit of the spirit--patience.  After prayer time and praise and worship, we were visited by Keya the Kangaroo who had a September calandar in her pouch.  She was counting down the days left in this month.  Why?  Because Keya loves the fair and cannot wait until October arrives!!! She is struggling to be more patient, but patience is HARD!
I asked the girls and boys to share about times they have had to be patient.  We then transitioned to our Bible story--Abraham and Sarah.  See, Abraham and Sarah had to be very patient.  They waited many, many, many years for a baby boy.   They learned a huge lesson about patience during this time.  You can see our story telling and retelling of our Bible story here below on our classroom felt board...
 Then the children moved to their tables for coloring.  Look at these smiling faces--what a great way to begin the day!  On the back side of the coloring sheet I made for them, I included a picture of Abraham and Sarah I found on   
Thanks so much for all of your help and support!  If you are interested in more of these resources, find me on both TpT and Teachers Notebook!
Blessings, Shannon :-)

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