Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ministry Minute and the Parenting Place...Fruit of the Spirit Lesson on Goodness

GOODNESS...It's one of those Fruit of the Spirit that seems particularly daunting to me!  After all, who of us is GOOD compared to the righteousness of Christ?! 
But if we believe that we can be filled with the Holy Spirit and produce all of these "Fruit" in our lives, then GOODNESS is one that we must also be able to attain.  And what better place to look for an example of goodness than the Word of God and the story of David and Jonathan...
We began our class with prayer requests and praise and worship as usual.  Then, guess who came along?  That's right--Cleo the Camel.  Cleo had earned a gold star for being good at camel school this week.  He proudly showed off his star to the girls and boys.
Then we transitioned to our story carpet for story time.  A couple of little ones helped me retell the story from 1 Samuel 18:1-4.  In this story we see the goodness of Jonathan.  As David's friend, Jonathan cared deeply for David's happiness and safety.  He also demonstrated being a good friend by his generosity.  We see an example of this as Jonathan gives David not just his robe, but also his tunic, his sword, his belt, and his bow.  Jonathan was a GOOD friend to David, and his example is one that we can learn from.
Tate and William are shown here acting out our Bible story.  We used simple costumes made using felt and hot glue, along with soldier props from our dress-up area.  Allowing children the chance to retell the story is a great way to involve them and increase their overall understanding of the Bible story's main idea.
Students colored today's coloring page of Gary Goodness. 
They also colored a coloring page I found online of Jonathan sharing with David, as shown here below.
I am so thankful for the GOODNESS of others in my life, but also for the incredible GOODNESS of the Lord!  Psalm 23:6a has to be one of my favorite verses: "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life..."  Praising Him for His goodness today and everyday! 
Blessings, Shannon :-)
Interested in these coloring pages and posters for your own little ones?

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