Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day and This Week's Monday Moment with Mimi!

I hope you have had a wonderful Labor Day with your family and friends!  We are already a month into our school year, which I literally cannot believe!  I am loving my school year and students, but I have to give a huge HOORAY for a day off today! :-) 
Instead of sharing my mom's post this week in her usual Monday Moments with Mimi article, I wanted to take a moment to sneak in a post of my own.  I wanted to share with you about her.  Her birthday will be this week (on September 8th), so it seemed like the perfect time to send her Happy Birthday wishes and to take a moment to tell you more about her! 
She is such a wonderful example of what a wife, mother, mimi, and friend should be!  It is truly a privilege to have her guest blogging here with me! 
Mimi has taught me so much over the years, but I have to say that what I value most from being her daughter is that she has taught me to be a fighter
No, not someone who is looking to pick a fight, but someone who is willing to fight for the little guy, to fight for what is important, and to fight from within when you literally feel like you have no fight left!  A breast cancer survivor, a Sunday School teacher, a runner, and a lifelong leader, she has embodied the saying when the going gets tough, the tough get going! 
Mimi often laughs when my sister and I see a new household project or identify a problem that needs fixing and we say to each other, "Oh, we can do that!"  (She laughs because what do we know about installing moulding or wiring a chandelier?!).  Whether we actually can do it or not is at times irrelevant; what matters is that we are unafraid to tackle new challenges head-on. 
That is how she has raised us--to believe we can!  And that is why I feel so blessed to share her words of wisdom with you each week. 
We love you, Mimi, and hope you are surrounded by birthday blessings!!!!
Have a great week, everyone!  :-)

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