Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gifted Gab and the Classroom Corner--Book of the Week Wednesday!

Happy "Hump Day," everyone!  Just wanted to share a great book with you that I am reading to my 3rd graders to accompany our "Classroom Economics" unit.  This would also be a great chapter book for my 5th graders who study the stock market every year. 
The Toothpaste Millionaire is shaping up to be a great story.  We are using it as our classroom read aloud, and literally, my students cannot get enough!  Rufus and Kate are neck deep in toothpaste making, and I am just as eager to keep reading as my little ones are.  And can you believe Rufus is selling his toothpaste for just 3 cents a jar?!
What I love is that is easily lends itself so easily to other content areas as well:  math, science, communication, social studies...just to name a few!
I would definitely recommend this book to you and your little ones!  Enjoy!  Shannon :-)
Interested in checking out my economics resource pack?  Find it at the links below:

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