Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Moments with Mimi--Marching to the Heartbeat of God

In this week's post, Mimi teaches us some funny, new exercise terminology and introduces us to 2 more special people in her life, all while encouraging us to keep marching on.  Read, share, and enjoy!  Shannon :-)

Marching to the Heartbeat of God

I realized the other day as I was leaving the running track after my morning workout that I have never mentioned my two very special son-in-laws to you.  Yes, I have written pages about my life with my daughters and grands, but I have neglected to say that there are two just as wonderful men who are married to my daughters and who are the fathers of my grands.   Each of these young men have accomplished much and are equally as wonderful—I just don’t engage in as many kid adventures or go to as many antique malls shopping with them.  Therefore, there isn’t as much adventure to capture on paper.

I am saying all of this because one of the most recent feats of my oldest daughter’s husband is that he loaded all of my favorite Christian songs on my MP3 player—the player that my youngest daughter’s husband gave me for my birthday a few years ago.

At this stage of my life, I need new invigorating songs whereby I can lift my tired legs as I run that last lap.  Run being the debatable word.  In all reality, I am progressing forward with a combination of a fast walk and a slow jog.  Sometimes even progressing forward is debatable.  I have claimed my exercise to be either a wog or a jalk.   It in truth is not a genuine run anymore.  And in any event, I sometimes look just as ridiculous as the words jalk or wog sound. ;-)

I have been taking my 3 lb weights with me as I speed walk, and then I lay them to the side to do a short jog.  My routine is not dependent on any assigned prescription or any workout formula.  I just go with whatever the beat is to my new energizing songs.   The only “out-of-rhythm” moment I have is when I have to pause, juggle my weights, struggle to find my pulse with my two fingers, and listen closely for my heartbeats.  At this precise moment is when I am most appreciative of my two son-in-laws. Without them, at this juncture as I juggle it all, I would only be hearing my desperate struggle to breathe and thereby quit my workout. But instead, I am listening to the familiar beat of my new energizing songs, and so I have the motivation to continue on.

I have learned that as my pulse races, my heart beats harder, and my breathing becomes more difficult, I can just turn up the volume of my music, and all is well.  I have recently developed a new routine to help me get through.  As I cool down I cease my jog, lift my knees higher, and step my feet harder.  Last week it occurred to me that what I am actually doing during this portion of my workout is marching, as if leading a football band.  Instead of a marching baton, I hold my two 3lbs weights strategically positioned in my arms.  I am waving and directing my own band with them for the entire world’s stadium to behold.

Twice in one week, I have been finishing up my marching parade with the song Me Without You by Toby Mac as my finale.  It was almost as if that song was commanding me to march back to my beginning point.   It was not so much the words to that song, but the beat.  It is just great to march to!  The combination of its title along with my praise is what caused me to pause last Friday.  As I finished and walked to my car, I thought about what the title said, and YES, Lord let me never be without you.

I concluded my marching finale and put my “batons” back in my trunk.  I dismissed my band until the next game’s program.  It was then that I stopped and reflected back on my morning and my marching band routine.  I thought to myself, Instead of marching to my own beat, wouldn’t it be great if I could always be this attentive and listen for all my marching orders to come from God?!

Likewise, wouldn’t it be even greater if instead of working out and finding our own pulse, we were working out our lives with our fingers on the pulse of God! And would it not be just greater still if the things of this world did not drown out the sound of His heartbeat!

That day it was a slow drive back home with no music on at all.  The radio did not even need to be turned on as I thought a new concept through a little differently.  Just being “with” the Lord wasn’t all that I really desired.  Equally as desirable was for me to be close—close enough to hear the beat of his heart.  So, thanks Kevin and Brad for my new music.  You just never know when God may call us to open the trunk, pick up our batons, and begin our marching again to the notes of His new music and leading. 

Blessings, Mimi (AKA Anne)

1 Corinthians 9:24, “Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”

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