Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monday Moments with Mimi--Traveling with Children

This week's post from Mimi focuses on the danger of distractions.  It reminds me of all of those times that as a mother and teacher, I sometimes miss the forest for the trees.  Read and be encouraged!  Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy...  Shannon :-)

Traveling with Children


It is very interesting to travel with a carload of your grandchildren as they are narrating, commenting, and laughing about whatever it is they observe along the way.   


During this particular road trip, I was not lost.  (I never am.  I was just not sure of my exact location as it related to my destination.)  Actually, I was just traveling in the wrong direction on the right road with three of my grandchildren, while on the way to meet my other two grands in an unfamiliar city in the rain.


I had given all three of my young traveling partners precise, intense instructions.  They were to close out whatever else they were doing and put on their “open eyes” in order to watch the roads and help me find the Chick-Fil-A that was our rendezvous point.  


And you never know…you might even find something VERY interesting when you have your eyes wide open.  All of a sudden out of the back seat came these words of excitement, “Look at that big gun!” 


Well, you can guess that statement got my attention!  “Where?” I questioned.  “Right there!” my grandson answered. 


Can you envision this moment with me?  I am a Mimi who is responsible for her precious cargo, so I ask myself Do I have a passerby in a tall truck armed with fire power, or perhaps a sniper on a distant roof with a really big gun?  Or worse, have we been called to war in this unfamiliar city that we are not really lost in?  


Truthfully, none of those scary scenarios really existed.  It was only an extremely large billboard advertisement with a HUGE gun displayed for all to see.  What I almost had, however in the midst of this imaginary crisis, was a very REAL precarious scenario of my own.  The traffic in front of us was stopping for the traffic light, and I was still interested in finding the armed assailant that I needed to guard my precious three grandchildren from!!!  


Tate had indeed discovered “something” with his “open eyes,” exactly as I challenged them to do.  Obedience at its best.  None of the other passers-by were noting the exciting billboard except my three and me.  Nothing of any significance happened as I quickly applied my brakes just in the nick of time to stop safely.   


Nothing, that is, until my phone and traveling directions slid from the front seat to the floorboard under my feet.  Nothing, that is, until I instructed my oldest (Tucker) to lean over and quickly pick them up for me.  He tried, and in his haste, he became locked his own seatbelt from his jarring effort and experienced one of those funny cramps in his shoulder from the reach.  He was now frozen.  Obedience at its best. 


Then from the back seat comes Tate over the front to the rescue saying. “Mimi, I can get it.”  And he tried.  Obedience at its best.   


What just happened here and is worthy of today’s simple story? Could it be a lesson of how quickly chaos can erupt because of my loss of focus?  In that moment in my car, all of my little passengers were acting exactly in line with my instructions.  They were very clear and quite obedient, but I was the one that had become distracted, not them.  I was the adult ordering the directions and soliciting their help.  Yet I was the adult quickly distracted by the small voice from the back.


Yes, the day was a success, and yes, we safely arrived at our destination. But let’s be reminded that in life there are many little ones depending on our maturity, our guidance, and our discernment. They are depending on us to not get distracted by fictitious armed assailants in passing cars.   They are depending on us STAYING FOCUSED!


In this case it was just a loving grandson excited over something interesting.   But in other cases the distractions can be more deliberate and even disastrous.  


Let’s never become calloused as to how easily and how quickly our eyes can be taken from the road by what we hear excitedly from the backseat.  Let’s never forget how others can be affected by our moments of distraction.  Let’s keep the journey happy and the destination safe for all—and keep our focus!!!!!!  Little ones are often ready to jump at our commands, so let’s stay the course and help them land safely!!!!  Blessings, Mimi (AKA Anne)


So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.  2 Corinthians 4:18

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