Thursday, October 18, 2012

Celebrating My 50th Day of School with a SALE!

Guess what today was?  That's right--our 50th Day of School!  And in honor of that I am throwing a weekend sale--20% off of EVERYTHING in my teacher stores!!! :-)  This includes tons of fall resources, as well as great items to build the thinking skills of your learners all year long.  Please come by and visit me there!  Here are just a few examples:

Silly Monsters--An Interdisciplinary Unit for Elementary Students   "Silly Monsters" Interdisciplinary Unit

Fall/Thanksgiving BINGO Game   Fall BINGO Fun

Thanksgiving:  A Harvest of Thinking (Interdisciplinary Unit)   Thanksgiving: A Harvest of Thinking

Thanks so much!  Shannon :-)
PS--Here is my little one all dressed up for her 50th day of school.  She had a great day decked out in her 1950's attire!  She was perfect for the 50th Day Sock Hop! 

Interested in a 50th Day Sudoku for your little ones?  Or older students?  Check out these awesome links to find out more about these critical thinking resources for your own little learners. 

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