Saturday, December 29, 2012

Magi on the Move--Celebrating Epiphany or 3 Kings Day!

Christmas may be over, but as Christians, it is such a joy to be able to celebrate the love of Christ all year!!!  We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season with your own families! 
Have you ever participated in Epiphany?  Epiphany is known by other names such as "3 Kings Day" and "Twelfth Day."  (You know, On the 12th Day of Christmas...)  This Christian holiday, which is celebrated on January 6th, offers another great opportunity for incorporating a brand new "Magi on the Move" tradition with your family! 
The Bible tells us in the gospel of Matthew that the Magi saw the star and set off on a journey to find the Christ child.  We read that these wise kings were led to the house where Jesus was by a star, and when they found the house where He and His family were, they bowed down and worshiped.  Epiphany is the celebration of this revelation of Christ to the gentiles. 
There are many ways that Christians all around the world acknowledge and celebrate this special holiday.  I love the idea of celebrating Epiphany because our family truly treasures the Christmas season.  It can be so sad to pack up the decorations and turn off the Christmas music on December 26th!  When we expand our celebration to include the Wise Men's journey to find Christ, our children have something to treasure on into the new year.  I want my little ones to soak in the season.  Sometimes this can be so hard in all the hurrying and scurrying of the days of December!
If you are interested in joining us on the "Magi on the Move" journey with your family, it is definitely not too late!  Our family has grown to love this Ebook and devotion resource pack, and now Wes, Lou, Cal, and the Pete are like a part of the family.  In fact, I see them now perched on our piano in the dining room. 
We used these lovable characters as a part of our Christmas and Advent celebrations and devotions, but what about using them to count down the 12 Days of Christmas, from the evening of December 25th through the day of January 6th?! 
"Magi on the Move" is now available on Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Teachers Notebook.  These addresses are listed below for your convenience.  Simply click the links to visit our online stores.
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We are so thankful for you and for your interest in this resource!  We wish you a happy and blessed New Year!  We are so excited to see what God has in store!  Shannon and Dana :-)

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