Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Magi Are on the Move at Our House!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I wanted to catch you up on a bit of "Magi on the Move" news and tell you how we are using the resource at our houses.
God used a precious family member to light a spark in my sister and me, and the rest is history.  Less than a week later, we had a complete resource ready to go both for our own family and to share with others!  God is amazing!
There are many options as to how you can use the Magi on the Move for your family and during devotions.  I have a blend of older and younger kids in my house, so I am using poems, a Christmas countdown, and a bit of a scavenger hunt along with my figures.  (The pattern for making these adorable characters is included in your Magi on the Move resource pack download.)  These ideas are completely adaptable for your family, however, so feel free to be creative!

These are a few of our pictures from the first night.  The Magi on the Move clue led my kids to the pantry where they found the Pete, Cal, Wes, and Lou with a pack of brownie mix.  The night started with a new tradition and ended with brownies...it doesn't get any better than that! ;-)

Tonight the hunt started in the place where it ended last night.  My children found this clue posted in the pantry.  It read, "As the Magi go from place to place, they are always kind and good!  Like comforting this friend who's sad, in their neighborhood!"
Then the hunt began.  My 3 scavenged the house looking for a friend in need of cheering up.  That's where the knew the Magi on the Move would be.
Sure enough...tucked away in our closet was a sad looking UGA--seems he was feeling a bit down after Saturday's loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship game.  We also had a great mini-devotion about what it means to be empathetic and encouraging to others.

It's not too late to join us on the Magi on the Move journey!  We would love for you to like our page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MagiontheMove.  :-)  Thanks so much!!!!

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