Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Moments with Mimi--Tomato Soup

Wow!  Where are the days of December going?  My little girl brought home a countdown calendar from school today...only 15 days left until Christmas.  Praying you are having a wonderful December so far!  Enjoy this week's post from Mimi!  Shannon :-)
Campbell’s Tomato Soup
I have just experienced such a wonderful, fantastic weekend!  It included everything from a Historic Savannah Christmas tour with precious friends and family to a children’s Christmas Cantata with even more precious friends and family.   
In Savannah on Saturday, my daughter hosted us for a true Savannah-style brunch with all the trimmings.   One of my favorites—shrimp and grits—was on her menu.  This is truly my “Savannah comfort food.”   Later in the day, as we toured adorned southern homes on display, we talked of other foods, shared recipes, and even managed to eat again.  
During one of these conversations, I shared that my most favorite comfort food was a can of plain old Campbell’s tomato soup. 
Growing up, if it was really “fixed up,” my mom would add a little butter, milk, or cream to my bowl.  And if it really was a time where I needed special comfort, she would fix me a grilled cheese sandwich to dip in it.  Actually, I was eating tomato bisque long before it was an appetizer on a menu in a fine dining establishment.  In my very young years my cousins and I always had tomato soup every Saturday for lunch—no matter whose house we were playing at.  Probably back then, it was only 27 cents a can!!!!
Isn’t it funny what comfort foods bring to mind?  Is it really the food, or is the food just the catalyst for remembering an act of love?  Being comforted is such a powerful thing, bringing to mind a moment and bookmarking it in our hearts.  I can remember soup moments from over 50 years ago with my loving mom, and even 30 years ago from a loving uncle.  I recall these feelings like these moments happened just yesterday.
Years ago my dad was in the hospital between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A simple procedure had turned life threatening in the wee hours of the night.  It happened suddenly, and I was stationed at the hospital late into the night waiting for the doctor to take my Dad back into surgery.  My aunt came and sat patiently with me, waiting for a surgery team to be put together.  She called her husband to give him an update about the seriousness of the situation; by now it was early morning.  My uncle asked if I wanted or needed anything, and she told him no.  She told him I had not eaten much all day, but I was fine; just a bit of fresh coffee would be appreciated. 
Within the next hour, the hospital elevator doors opened, and my uncle walked into the waiting room.  I can still see the large silver thermos in a brown bag held firmly in his hand.  I thought how considerate he was to bring fresh coffee from home for my aunt at 2:00 in the morning.   He opened up the thermos and poured something into the cup.  No, it was not coffee for us, but plain old tomato soup for me with a little extra milk added.   This moment was not about serving me my favorite soup, but about being caring for me.  I don’t remember sipping the hot the soup, but I do remember feeling the comfort.  And yes, this gesture was so powerful that it is forever bookmarked in my mind and etched in my heart. 
My dad was fine after his surgery, and all was well that Christmas Season. This Christmas may be different or not-so-fantastic for many precious people in our lives.  Christmas is a wonderful time for most of us, but not all of us.   It may not be perceived as a celebration, but rather as a stark reminder of something lost.  A loved one may be gone, homes may be broken, finances may be devastated, or physically someone may be suffering.  There may be even be a spiritual need.  No matter who you are, someone will undoubtedly cross your path who needs comforting.  What ever act you do in love and compassion will speak volumes to them.
In reflecting on my recent special weekend in its entirety, I recognize that while I feel very blessed, I also need to be compassionate and offer comfort to someone that is in a less content place than I.  At the very least I have been challenged to be more sensitive to their troubles and their life changes this year.   Can you think of someone this Season that may not need you financially to buy them a meal, but needs you emotionally to sit with them as they enjoy your soup?  Show the love of Christ this season!  Be led by the humility of His example and the demonstration of His unconditional love!  Blessings, Mimi (AKA Anne)
 "Beloved, let us love one another.  For love is of God, and everyone that loveth is born of God and knoweth God.  He that loveth not, knoweth not love, for God is love.  So beloved, let us love one another." 1 John 4:7-8

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